Remediation Efforts

Remediation and site preparation activities began in March 2014, and included the removal of the remaining structures and the existing concrete foundation. Pursuant to the terms of the sale, the environmental remediation of the site was under the direction of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In 2017, both agencies signed off on all remediation efforts, allowing Eagle Ford Terminals to move forward with construction efforts.

Eagle Ford Terminals took the following actions during the remediation process to prepare the site for construction:

  • Removed all on-site buildings
  • Removed all concrete on site (~158,000 cubic yards)
  • Recycled ~2,000 tons of steel
  • Disposed of ~10,000 cubic yards of soil
  • Removed ~6,000 truckloads of concrete and soils
  • Removed ~67,460 cubic yards via mechanical dredging
  • Removed ~434,020 cubic yards via hydraulic dredging (included removing and removing water from lagoons)
  • Graded and filled land by bringing in ~15,400 cubic yards of dirt fill
  • Brought in ~16,430 tons of crushed concrete

Community Relations during Remediation

Eagle Ford Terminals has made several proactive steps in an effort to be a good neighbor, including:

  • Temporary installation of a 20 to 30 foot tall dust screen during remediation between construction property and Dona Park neighborhood
  • Voluntarily completed soil sampling at 28 properties in Dona Park
  • Distributed mailers and door hangers in English and Spanish about our efforts to remediate the property
  • Restrictions on the routes trucks may use to access Eagle Ford Terminals, reducing traffic disruptions for our neighbors
  • Provided a toll-free phone number for questions, concerns
  • Engaged with community leaders at regular intervals to provide updates on project progress

Remediation Efforts – Building Removal

Remediation Efforts – Concrete Removal